Maria Plotnikova


Being a spectator of different societies and communities, not belonging to any of them; observing, analyzing and being involved in a number of interpersonal relations, I reflect on the phenomenon of connection between human beings in my work.


Through performance I hope the viewer can experience a sense

of the fragility and awkwardness of people’s relations to others; self-sacrifice as the ultimate price for belonging; the value

in every moment of being connected; freedom and loss when

left by oneself. 


The audience is invited to experience invisible processes that take place between people. Nameless events are brought to the visual level of perception so that the viewer can experience them through empathizing with the performers.



Maria Plotnikova is an artist working mainly in performance, installations and video medium. She was born in 1983, in Zhytomir, Ukraine. In 1989, she moved with her parents to Mariupol, Ukraine; where she studied in City School of Fine Arts.


In 2015, Maria was awarded the Chevening Scholarship, enabling her to enter the Contemporary Arts course in Oxford Brookes University. Maria moved to England where she studied for a year and worked on performance and installations. She took part in

the Fringe Art Bath Festival, Interdisciplinary Arts MA festival; exhibiting her performances and short films in the Modern Art Oxford gallery and Ovada gallery.


On coming back to Kyiv in 2016 Maria took part in the Young Ukrainian Artists Festival, where she was awarded the first prize. Now she continues her art practice in Kyiv. In her art, she focuses on the aspects of all kinds of interpersonal connections,

the relationship between the group and individual, and the place

of the spectator in a work.