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The tubes with red paste are attached to the feet of the performers. They are instructed to stand on their toes as long as they can. When they are exhausted they step with all the body weight on their feet and the tubes are smashed. Usually the red liquid is spattered in the shape of a cross, making long splashes on the floor.

The performance is about the struggle of a human being forced to do something unnatural. The piece is abstract, so the viewer is invited to find his own meaning. It can refer to conflict behaviour, tension before and the fight. It can be associated with the women forced to wear high heels in order to conform public concept of female beauty. For the artist it is an allegory to one’s wish not to disappoint others by falling short of expectations, not to hurt the loved ones by being your true self. Though, it is preferable to live it open and let each person to find the reflection of their own experience in this piece.

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