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sofa[r], 2021

Mixed media installation

Videographers: Oleksandra Chuprina, Yuliia Kolesnyk, Simon Whiteley-Allen

Special thanks: Danielle Levsky, Jess Smoot, Harlan Rosen, Seth Sexton, Valeriy Tkachuk, Oleksandra Sokurenko, Roman Ivasiy, Anton Pozdnyakov, Kiryll Krysko, Paige Nailor, 16 beautiful strangers

The work is a video installation that goes with a sofa cut in two pieces. Installation is placed in a way that two spaces become connected through the ceiling. 


The work reflects on distant relations, separation and disconnection. A piece of furniture placed in public space alters the urban landscape. The empty space in between its two parts becomes charged with tension. 

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